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What’s an Adult?: No One Knows Anything and We’re All Going to Die
Emily Regan has no idea what she’s doing. In theory, she’s supposed to be an adult but in actuality, she has no idea what that means and in light of her upcoming high school reunion, she’s pretty positive someone is going to call her out as a fraud. Whether she is speculating that Facebook is out to ruin us all, contracting food poisoning and vomiting her way across London, or just trying to figure out how to make a phone call without sounding like a complete idiot, this collection paints a portrait of someone hoping no one notices that she’s not a real grown up. If you also feel like a big, fat phony, Regan has included a handful of helpful tutorials to fake your way through adulthood, including:

  • how to open a greeting card
  • how to go grocery shopping
  • how to make a doctor’s appointment
  • . . . and more!

If you are one of those rare unicorns who actually has their life together, this might not be the book for you. But just in case you’re better at faking it than Emily Regan is, you should probably buy this book. You can say it’s for a friend. No one has to know.



Family Pride
One Lion. One Pilot. One Great Adventure.
This historical fiction novel puts you in the plane on a real life adventure to showcase the famous Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer lion back in the roaring 20s. MGM studio head, Louis B. Mayer, recruits hotshot pilot, Martin Jensen, to fly their beloved mascot from California to New York on a cross-country promotional stunt. The journey starts without a hitch with Jensen, the lion, and the lion’s trainer packed into the small plane but trouble arises over the mountains of northern Arizona. After the plane goes down, the two men are forced to survive in the wilderness with a jungle cat while supplies are running low and they’re miles from civilization.
Family Pride infuses history and old Hollywood glamour into an adventurous story of man versus nature. See for yourself why this book garnered glowing reviews from CNN and the Hallmark Channel and enjoy this tale about this legendary Hollywood icon.
In Unraveled, a collection of original fiction, Regan effortlessly weaves together reoccurring images and themes from eclectic situations and vantages into a patchwork quilt of life coming apart. These vignettes details snapshots of innocence, insanity, sobering realities, and the haze in between. What holds the patchwork together is the novella “Loose Threads.” In it, the reader is introduced to Anne Gray and her parents as they each come to terms with living in the aftermath of her older brother’s drug overdose on the night of his high school graduation. Through it all, Regan writes with deftness, poise, and good humor, bringing us from the depth of desperation to the edge of deliverance, savoring every moment.