Below, please find a master list of all of my fanfics.
This is frequently updated, so please check back.

*Note: With the exception of original characters, I do not own the characters in my fanfics; I’m simply borrowing them for a bit.*

Baby-Sitters Club

  • Reunited Series
    • Chapter 1: Say Hello to Your Friends–After growing apart since college, a chance meeting reunites Mary Anne and Claudia in Manhattan while the former is in the midst of planning her wedding to one of the wealthy elite. Meanwhile, Jessi receives some devastating news about her career.

Star Wars

  • Kylo Ren x Rey
    • The Last Time: Rey and Ben both swear this will be the last time they see each other like this, but will they really be able to stay away from each other? (NSFW)

Choices: Stories You Play

A Courtesan of Rome

Syphax x MC

Big Sky Country

Sawyer x MC

Blood Bound

Jax x MC

The Elementalists

Beckett x MC


Ben x MC

Most Wanted

Sam x Dave

  • Where There’s SmokeTensions are running high after Sam and Dave’s daring escape, but Tull’s trailer might not be the only thing on fire. (NSFW)

The Crown and the Flame

Kenna x Diavolos

Kenna x Raydan

  • Reunited (Kenna x Raydan): Kenna returns from a trip to Lykos and her husband, Raydan, is eager to show her how much she has been missed. (NSFW)

The Red Carpet Diaries

The Boxer (AU)

Matt x MC

Seth x MC

Ride or Die: A Bad Boy Romance

Colt x MC

  • Jealous: Colt and MC (Ellie) have a heart to heart after following Kaneko to his meeting with The Brotherhood.
  • First Kiss: MC (Ellie) has her first kiss with Colt.
  • First Date: Colt and MC (Ellie) go on their first date and Colt puts his foot in his mouth.
  • Fade: On the day she leaves LA, MC (Ellie) can’t stop thinking of who she left behind. (slightly NSFW)
  • Finding You: After over a year apart, Colt finds MC (Ellie) at Langston. (NSFW)
  • Keep Quiet: Colt visits MC (Ellie) at college and helps her “study” in the library. (NSFW)
  • Take Me to Church: On Ellie’s first day back after graduating from Langston, she and Colt attend a sideshow and do some serious sinning. (NSFW)
  • Are You Happy?: The morning after eloping in Vegas, Colt has questions for Ellie.
  • Just a Trim: Ellie’s decision to let Ximena give her a haircut might be more than she bargained for.

Logan x MC x Colt

  • Roots: MC (Ellie) surprises Logan with a gift.


  • Homecoming: Mona revisits painful memories in the Bronx.

Teppei x OC


  • Goodbye, New York: Ximena says goodbye to her life in New York,before moving to LA, although she’s wary of what she’s leaving behind.

The Royal Romance

Bastien x MC

  • Gothic Fantasy: Bastien and MC (Alice) get caught in the rain.
  • Holiday Preparations: Bastien and MC (Alice) prepare for a very special Christmas.
  • Guarded Hearts Series
    • Part 1: The night before Liam’s bachelor party, MC (Alice) meets someone else from Cordonia. (NSFW)
    • Part 2: Alice ends up joining Liam’s bachelor party in New York, but her thoughts are elsewhere.
    • Part 3: Alice and Bastien spend what they think will be their last night together and Maxwell makes a surprising proposition to Alice. (NSFW)
    • Part 4: Alice flies to Cordonia with Maxwell before preparing for the masquerade ball.
    • Part 5: At the masquerade ball, Alice sees someone unexpected.
    • Part 6: Alice does her best at the masquerade and learns the truth about the stakes.
    • Part 7: Bastien and Alice celebrate her arrival in Cordonia. (NSFW)
    • Part 8: Alice gets a crash course in decorum and is off to the races.
    • Part 9: Alice attends the derby and meets the queen–and a possible new adversary.
    • Part 10: Croquet, cronuts, and smut, oh my! (NSFW)
    • Part 11: Alice and the others arrive in Lythikos and take a turn around the frozen lake.
    • Part 12: Alice skis the deck in Lythikos, learns more about Drake’s family, and has a private dance lesson with Bastien.
    • Part 13: Alice attends the ball at Lythikos, finds a private moment with Bastien, and babysits a drunk friend. (NSFW)
    • Part 14: Alice asks Bastien about the bachelor party photos and prepares to race in the regatta after a surprising announcement.
    • Part 15: Alice competes in the Royal Regatta and enjoys the beach party, but someone else might be planning something…
    • Part 16: The Apple Blossom Festival begins and later, Alice and the others head out to celebrate Drake’s birthday.
    • Part 17: The competition is on for the title of Apple Queen, but others are conspiring.
    • Part 18: Alice comes clean to Liam and attends the royal hunt.
    • Part 19: Bastien meets with the king and Alice has an unwanted visitor.
    • Part 20: Alice deals with the morning after.
    • Part 21: Alice helps the Beaumonts prepare for the upcoming party and receives a surprise visitor.
    • Part 22: It’s the night of the big Beaumont bash!
    • Part 23: It’s the night of the coronation and secrets come to light.
    • Part 24: At the airport and about to leave Cordonia forever, someone stops Alice from getting on her flight.
    • Part 25: Alice deals with some of her issues and heads to Fydelia with the Beaumonts.
    • Part 26: Alice talks with Liam and returns to Applewood Manor.
    • Part 27: Alice meets her new press secretary, attends the barn raising, and visits the spa with her friends.
    • Part 28: Alice attends the picnic and learns a disturbing truth.
    • Part 29: Alice attends the dinner with the statesman in Italy and tracks down the photographer before learning of a betrayal close to home.
    • Part 30: Alice attends Madeleine’s bachelortte party and secrets come to light.
    • Part 31: Alice and Bastien tell their friends the truth about the plot against her and they all attend the fashion show in Paris.
    • Part 32: Alice helps Drake solve another mystery while she tries to settle into some normalcy with Bastien.
    • Part 33: Alice attends Liam’s second bachelor party in Paris, but the party doesn’t go as planned.
    • Part 34: Alice and Bastien confront her trauma and find a way to spend some time alone before Regina arrives to attend the opera.
    • Part 35: The Cordonian Court arrives in Shanghai, Liam reveals his plan to deal with Constantine and Regina, and Alice and Bastien fully reunite. (NSFW)
    • Part 36: Alice attends a tea ceremony with the Cordonian court and supports Hana during a big moment.
    • Part 37: The engagement tour arrives in New York, Alice and Bastien make some big choices, and new information is revealed.
    • Part 38: Bastien goes to LA to retrieve Tariq while Alice tries to distract herself back in New York…and someone decides to take matters into their own hands.
    • Part 39: The nobles return to Cordonia, Liam makes Alice an offer, and Alice moves in with Bastien. (NSFW)
    • Part 40: The Homecoming Ball!
    • Part 41: The aftermath of the Homecoming Ball.
    • Part 42: When Bastien is discharged from the the hospital, he and Alice return to the palace in time for the Five Kingdoms Festival.
    • Part 43: The Unity Tour arrives in Fydelia and Alice must play peacekeeper between Adelaide and Godfrey. (NSFW)
    • Part 44: The Unity Tour arrives in Portavira and Alice and the others participate in a celebrity polo match for charity. (slightly NSFW)
    • Part 45: The Unity Tour makes an unscheduled stop in Applewood and Alice is forced to revisit the past. (NSFW)
    • Part 46: The Unity Tour arrives at Kiara’s family’s estate in Castelsarreillan and Alice and the others sample wines from the vineyard.
    • Part 47: It’s the day of the art festival, with both tragedies and fond memories.
    • Part 48: The Unity Tour returns to the palace for the Costume Gala, with duels and disasters and the arrival of a mysterious figure.
    • Part 49: The tour arrives in Lythikos with unexpected guests and a rendezvous at an ice palace. (NSFW)
    • Part 50: It’s time for the Winter Festival in Lythikos! MC (Alice) is willing to use herself to lure out their attackers, but if she’s not careful, someone might just take the bait…
    • Part 51: After a harrowing escape from the Nevrakis vault, the Unity Tour finally arrives at Valtoria.
    • Part 52: It’s the night of the Lantern Festival (as well as Bastien and Alice’s wedding) at Valtoria! (NSFW)
    • Part 53: Everyone is headed to Vegas for Olivia and Liam’s stag/hen do–but Alice and Bastien still find time to celebrate their honeymoon. (NSFW)
    • Part 54: Back in Cordonia, MC (Alice) helps plan the royal wedding.
    • Part 55: An attack in town leads to new information and an intimate talk between MC (Alice) and Bastien (NSFW).
    • Part 56: After a serene morning spent with the wedding party, the afternoon devolves into chaos.
    • Part 57: MC (Alice), Olivia, and Hana are under siege at the bridal boutique. Will they make it to the wedding–or even out alive?
    • Part 58: They’ve reached the wedding reception, but someone has one more fight left in them…
    • Part 59: Before leaving on their honeymoon, there are a few more surprises in store for MC (Alice) and Bastien.

Bertrand x Savannah

Drake x MC

Hana x MC

Leo x OC

  • Take a Walk (Leo x OC): When OC (Margo) can’t sleep during the social season, she goes for a walk and runs into someone unexpected.

Liam x MC

Maxwell x MC

  • Unmasked (Maxwell x MC): After the masquerade ball, the masks come off and the truth comes out–but for how long? (NSFW)
  • Dance Lessons (Maxwell xMC): When Maxwell offers to teach MC (Leila) the Cordonian waltz, there might be more between them than just music.
  • Running Late (Maxwell x MC): Although they have a busy day waiting for them in New York, Maxwell and MC (Leila) can’t help but add one more item to their to do list. (NSFW)
  • Steam (Maxwell x MC): Maxwell and MC (Leila) enjoy some time alone in the sauna. (NSFW)

Slow Burn


  • Look Forward/Look Back: On the eve of her fresh start in New Orleans with Taste the World, MC (Abby) takes a familiar look at the past.

The Freshman/The Sophomore/The Junior/The Senior

Not Yours Series (James x MC x Zig)

  • Not Yours, Part 1 (Zig x MC x James)With nowhere to live, MC (Emma) moves in with her friend, Zig. Her boyfriend, James, isn’t thrilled by the idea, especially with their relationship still on shaky ground from LA. With one love on the rocks and another hidden away, things are quickly getting complicated between three friends. (NSFW)
  • Not Yours, Part 2 (Zig x MC): Zig reveals a secret about himself while he struggles with the secret feelings he has for MC (Emma).
  • Not Yours, Part 3 (James x MC): A fight at the school newspaper leads MC (Emma) and James to make some difficult decisions about their relationship. (NSFW)
  • Not Yours, Part 4 (Zig x MC)Facing a reality in which he might never get to be with MC (Emma), Zig attempts to lose himself in a distraction. However, he finds he can’t fully push Emma from his mind, especially when she comes home with news of her own. (NSFW)
  • Not Yours, Part 5 (James x MC x Zig)Confessions are made, but the stakes are high.
  • Not Yours, Part 6 (Zig x MC x James): On the night of Zack’s birthday, decisions are made–but are they made too late? (NSFW)
  • Not Yours, Part 7 (Zig x MC): After taking the long route to find each other, Zig and MC (Emma) finally come together. (NSFW)

Wanderlust Series (Zig x MC)

Writer’s Retreat AU

Chris x MC

James x MC

Teddy x MC

  • New Experiences (Teddy x MC): When Teddy comes to visit James at Hartfield, he ends up spending some private one-on-one time with MC (Jen) instead.

Zig x MC

Veil of Secrets

Flynn x MC

  • Together (Flynn x MC): After falling asleep while discussing Kate’s disappearance in F!MC’s (Jesse) room at the B&B, Flynn and Jesse awaken in the middle of the night and give into temptation. (NSFW)
  • Stay (Flynn x MC): After discovering Tanner’s body on his yacht, Flynn and F!MC (Jesse) try to figure out their next move and find some comfort in one another.
  • You and Me (Flynn x MC): Flynn and F!MC (Jesse) try to relax on Flynn’s boat after Kate’s hearing.