Below, please find a master list of all of my shorts.
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*Note: All stories and characters are owned and copyrighted by me.*

  • Worth It: While driving to a party, Nick and Mia find themselves on an unexpected detour.

Fan Fiction

*Note: I do not own the characters in my fanfics; I’m simply borrowing them for a bit.*

Star Wars

  • Kylo Ren x Rey
    • The Last Time: Rey and Ben both swear this will be the last time they see each other like this, but will they really be able to stay away from each other?

Choices: Stories You Play

A Courtesan of Rome

Syphax x MC

Big Sky Country

Sawyer x MC

Blood Bound

Jax x MC

The Elementalists

Beckett x MC


Ben x MC

Most Wanted

Sam x Dave

  • Where There’s SmokeTensions are running high after Sam and Dave’s daring escape, but Tull’s trailer might not be the only thing on fire. (NSFW)

The Crown and the Flame

Kenna x Diavolos

Kenna x Raydan

  • Reunited (Kenna x Raydan): Kenna returns from a trip to Lykos and her husband, Raydan, is eager to show her how much she has been missed. (NSFW)

The Red Carpet Diaries

The Boxer (AU)

Matt x MC

Seth x MC

Ride or Die: A Bad Boy Romance

Colt x MC

  • Jealous: Colt and MC (Ellie) have a heart to heart after following Kaneko to his meeting with The Brotherhood.
  • First Kiss: MC (Ellie) has her first kiss with Colt.

The Royal Romance

Bastien x MC

  • Guarded Hearts Series
    • Part 1: The night before Liam’s bachelor party, MC (Alice) meets someone else from Cordonia.

Bertrand x Savannah

Drake x MC

Hana x MC

  • Yes (Hana x MC): When MC (Riley) finds herself unable to sleep after a day at the beach, she goes wandering through the castle and finds something that is definitely worth losing sleep over. (NSFW)
  • Interlude in the Dark (Hana x MC): Hana and MC (Riley) steal away a moment alone in the darkness.

Liam x MC

Maxwell x MC

  • Unmasked (Maxwell x MC): After the masquerade ball, the masks come off and the truth comes out–but for how long? (NSFW)
  • Dance Lessons (Maxwell xMC): When Maxwell offers to teach MC (Leila) the Cordonian waltz, there might be more between them than just music.
  • Running Late (Maxwell x MC): Although they have a busy day waiting for them in New York, Maxwell and MC (Leila) can’t help but add one more item to their to do list. (NSFW)
  • Steam (Maxwell x MC): Maxwell and MC (Leila) enjoy some time alone in the sauna. (NSFW)

The Freshman/The Sophomore

Not Yours Series (James x MC x Zig)

  • Not Yours, Part 1 (Zig x MC x James)With nowhere to live, MC (Emma) moves in with her friend, Zig. Her boyfriend, James, isn’t thrilled by the idea, especially with their relationship still on shaky ground from LA. With one love on the rocks and another hidden away, things are quickly getting complicated between three friends. (NSFW)
  • Not Yours, Part 2 (Zig x MC): Zig reveals a secret about himself while he struggles with the secret feelings he has for MC (Emma).
  • Not Yours, Part 3 (James x MC): A fight at the school newspaper leads MC (Emma) and James to make some difficult decisions about their relationship. (NSFW)
  • Not Yours, Part 4 (Zig x MC)Facing a reality in which he might never get to be with MC (Emma), Zig attempts to lose himself in a distraction. However, he finds he can’t fully push Emma from his mind, especially when she comes home with news of her own. (NSFW)
  • Not Yours, Part 5 (James x MC x Zig)Confessions are made, but the stakes are high.
  • Not Yours, Part 6 (Zig x MC x James): On the night of Zack’s birthday, decisions are made–but are they made too late? (NSFW)
  • Not Yours, Part 7 (Zig x MC): After taking the long route to find each other, Zig and MC (Emma) finally come together. (NSFW)

Wanderlust Series (Zig x MC)

Writer’s Retreat AU

Chris x MC

James x MC

Teddy x MC

  • New Experiences (Teddy x MC): When Teddy comes to visit James at Hartfield, he ends up spending some private one-on-one time with MC (Jen) instead.

Zig x MC

Veil of Secrets

Flynn x MC

  • Together (Flynn x MC): After falling asleep while discussing Kate’s disappearance in F!MC’s (Jesse) room at the B&B, Flynn and Jesse awaken in the middle of the night and give into temptation. (NSFW)
  • Stay (Flynn x MC): After discovering Tanner’s body on his yacht, Flynn and F!MC (Jesse) try to figure out their next move and find some comfort in one another.
  • You and Me (Flynn x MC): Flynn and F!MC (Jesse) try to relax on Flynn’s boat after Kate’s hearing.