Hire Me

I am an experienced freelance writer and editor with an M.A. in English, emphasis in creative writing and fiction. I am also the author of six books in a variety of genres, and have ghostwritten several successful projects.

Here is a basic guide of my rates for freelance work. Depending on the project, I am willing to discuss alternate rates using these as a starting point. If you are interested in retaining me for a project I haven’t specifically listed here, contact me and let’s chat! In the meantime, click here check out my my online portfolio.

Blog Post/Article: $0.10/word

Included with this price is one rewrite to adjust the article to suit your publication. We will set up a word range in advance with which you are comfortable and I will stay within those boundaries.

Ghostwriting: $45/hour

For this type of job, I write your project and you get to put your name on it. I am discreet and do not discuss my involvement and you will retain all the rights to the work. Have you heard of me ghostwriting anything before? No? Exactly.

Depending on the project, I may require a deposit.

Personal Histories/Biographies: $50

This rate is slightly higher than the standard ghostwriting rate due to the need to transcribe verbal statements and the additional back-and-forth this type of project necessitates.

Depending on the project, I may require a deposit.

General Editing: $45/hour

Although I am primarily a writer by trade, I also have experience as an editor. I will edit pre-existing copy, check for punctuation and spelling, and rewrite any areas that need to be strengthened.

Research: $40/hour

If you are writing a scientific paper, a James Michener-caliber novel, or anything in between, I can assist you with the research you need.

Website Cleanup: $150-300

Many websites feature preventable mistakes in regards to spelling, grammar, and other poor choices that are tiny on their own but significant when compounded. If you are worried that this sounds like your site, I can help! Pricing varies depending on the size of the website.

Press Release: $150/page

I will create the press release but you are responsible for distribution.

Manuscript Synopsis: $50/hour

If you have a project and need a synopsis to send to agents and publishers, this is where I come in. Keep in mind that the time it takes me to read your work will be factored into the final price but I am a fast reader and will not unnecessarily pad the final price.

Manuscript Evaluation & Feedback: $1.50/page

If you send me your work, I will provide you with in-depth feedback and constructive criticism along with typed chapter summaries. This is the rate for double-spaced manuscripts typed in Times New Roman font, size 12.

Social Media Management: Pricing Varies

I have experience implementing and managing various social medias for small businesses. The rate will vary depending on the extent of my involvement in the social medias: posting a handful of links per week will obviously cost you less than daily, in-depth management involving several posts, comment and spammer control, etc.