7 Lies I Regularly Tell Myself in Quarantine

As I talked about in a recent post, my family is continuing to quarantine even though Jon and I are fully vaccinated (#TeamPfizer) because it is safest for us to wait until Kiddo is able to receive the vaccine. Other than my annoyance at other people's bad behavior, I don't really mind staying in quarantine. … Continue reading 7 Lies I Regularly Tell Myself in Quarantine

Woo Girls

"My fantasy begins in a dark bar. I’m with friends and currently on my second beer—enough to feel pleasantly buzzed, but not enough to start oversharing about my childhood. The music is loud and I see a man across the room. He glances at me, and then looks away. I take a sip of my beer. Then the song ends and the man across the room looks back at me and calls my name. It’s my turn for karaoke."

Free Draw

"I have no idea why I was assigned to work in the art room when I was hired on as a staff member. I have no obvious talent for art, I didn’t request it, and as I was only 18, I didn’t yet look like I’d completely given up on life (I think)."