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Poetic Rhythm, Part 2: The Antidote

I finally did what I should’ve done ages ago–I turned to Neil Gaiman.

Poetic Rhythm

I’ve been rewatching Mad Men recently and during season one, my feminist rage at the overt misogyny took a break during the scene when Don Draper accompanies his girlfriend, Midge, to an open mic night in the village. A young woman gets up on stage and recites a poem she wrote about how she had a dream that she had sex with Fidel Castro in the Waldorf Astoria. The first time I watched this scene, I pretty much ignored it. Now, watching it again twelve years later, I was hit with an overwhelming sense of deja vu. Not because I’ve watched this show before, but because I’ve been to that same reading–over and over again.


On April 14th, my friend, Kyle, died in a tragic rock climbing accident. Two weeks later, I flew to Oregon for the celebration of life and I stayed with his wife and daughters in their guest room. At one point in time, I spent… Continue Reading “Eulogy”

Who is Emily Regan?

In short, it’s me.

March 2019: What I’m Reading

It’s the time again to do a roundup of some of the books I’m reading this month! Here are a few on the top of my list for March: