Category: Obligatory Announcements

Emily for Hire

I’ve added a new section to the site that lists my rates for various writing and editing services. If you’re in need of someone like me, click “Hire Me!” on the main menu at the top of this page and let’s talk!

Still Here!

After some technical issues with the site, I am once again functional (at least in the sense of my website). I’ll be posting some updates in the next few days along with links to my latest TBT posts as soon as I can.

Throwback Thursday: A is for “All That”

My latest Throwback Thursday post is up on Maglomaniac! Click on the photo to check out my latest article about All That.

New Video, Narrow Chimney Reading Series

If you’re interested in seeing a video from my recent reading as part of the Narrow Chimney Reading Series, please check out the Media & Moving Pictures section of my site. I start out reading a little fast but I clearly didn’t have enough whiskey… Continue Reading “New Video, Narrow Chimney Reading Series”

“What’s an Adult?” is Now Available!

My latest book, a collection of original nonfiction, is now available! Amazon Barnes & Noble From the back cover: Emily Regan has no idea what she’s doing. In theory, she’s supposed to be an adult but in actuality, she has no idea what that… Continue Reading ““What’s an Adult?” is Now Available!”