Gin Fizz

I am dissolvingSlowly at first,Bubbles so tiny you’d hardly noticeTiny circles clinging to the wall of the glassDecorative, even. Fashionable. The good kind of bubbles. They’re coming faster now, expanding and bursting in a frenzied feeding.Now they avert their eyes,Too much for comfort. For fashion.I am foaming, uncomfortable, spilling over and leaving a sticky residue … Continue reading Gin Fizz

Free Draw

"I have no idea why I was assigned to work in the art room when I was hired on as a staff member. I have no obvious talent for art, I didn’t request it, and as I was only 18, I didn’t yet look like I’d completely given up on life (I think)."

Loathe in the Time of Covid

"We were given an apocalyptic scenario in which all we had to do was stay home, watch Netflix, and wear a fucking mask, and we couldn't handle that. We are absolutely not ready for zombies or aliens, and any forthcoming apocalypse movie now needs to include people insisting that the disaster is a 'liberal hoax' while a zombie eats their faces."