Dominance (Liam x MC)

Summary: Liam and MC (Riley) explore their boundaries together.

The music swelled and Riley watched as Liam spun Olivia in time to the beat, her red dress swirling around her feet. He said something to her and Olivia laughed, throwing her head back as they danced together. A smile spread across Liam’s face as his fingers spread across Olivia’s back …


“What?” she asked, bringing herself back into the present moment. “Sorry, Maxwell, what did you say?”

“I asked if you’d thought about what you’re going to wear for horseback riding tomorrow,” he said. “Bertrand thought maybe you could borrow something from Hana.”

“Oh. Sure,” Riley said, her eyes drifting back towards the dance floor. Liam glanced over at her and smiled as their eyes made contact. Riley reached up and tugged her left ear gently and Liam nodded slightly before turning back to Olivia. The song soon ended and the lilting waltz was replaced by something much more upbeat.

“Want to dance?” Maxwell asked, already starting to pop his shoulders in time to the rhythm. “I love this song.”

“Thanks, but I think I’m actually going to go get some air,” Riley said.

“Are you feeling okay?” Maxwell asked as he stopped dancing, suddenly concerned.

“Yes, I’m fine,” Riley said. “It’s just kind of warm in here.”

“Yeah, it is,” Maxwell agreed. “Okay, well enjoy your air!” he said with a smile before he shimmied out onto the dance floor. Riley turned and slowly headed towards the door, careful to keep a steady pace and not to run the way she desperately wanted to. Outside the hall, she made her way through the corridors until she found herself by the coat of arms on the second floor, away from the revelries.

Suddenly, Riley felt a pair of hands on her waist spin her around before Liam captured her lips in a deep, longing kiss. She threaded her fingers in her hair, pulling his body flush against hers as he backed her into the wall.

“I’ve been watching you all night,” Riley gasped as he kissed her neck, trailing kisses down her throat before finding his way back up again. “I couldn’t take it anymore.”

“I’m glad you gave me the signal because I’ve been watching you, too,” Liam murmured.

“Oh yeah?” Riley asked, breathless.

“Mm-hmm,” Liam said. “I’ve been obsessed with the thought of being alone with you,” he said, biting gently at her bottom lip. “Like last time.”

“That can be arranged again … if you want to,” Riley purred.

“Yes, please.”

“Come to my room in ten minutes,” she said, her voice firmer now.

“Yes … mistress.”

Ten minutes later, Riley was perched at the end of her bed, legs crossed as she leaned backwards on her hands when she heard a sharp knock on the door.

“Enter,” Riley called. The door opened and Liam quickly stepped inside, shutting the door behind him. She saw his eyes bulge as he looked at her. While she waited, she’d removed her gown and was left wearing only her corset, garter belt, and stockings. Riley had also replaced her shoes with black stilettos, taller and sharper than the heels she’d worn to the ball.

“Riley, you look …” he whispered, his words trailing off as she uncrossed her legs to reveal she wasn’t wearing any panties before crossing them again.

“Did I give you permission to speak?” Riley asked.

“No, mistress,” Liam said, regaining his composure as he straightened up. Riley took him in, admiring his tuxedo and how handsome he looked. It’ll look even better on the floor.

“Did you miss me?” she asked.

“More than anything,” Liam said, his voice thick with lust.

“More than anything what?”

“More than anything, mistress.”

Riley nodded at the correction.

“You might be king, my love, but in here you serve me,” she said.

“Yes, mistress.”

“Take off your clothes. Slowly.”

Liam smiled and took off his jacket, dropping it to the floor before undoing the buttons of his shirt. When he was bare from the waist up, Riley took one of her hands and slid it across her legs, fingertips grazing the tops of her stockings before she uncrossed her legs again and slipped her fingers between her legs. Liam’s own fingers slipped on the button of his pants, but he successfully undid it on his second try. Riley watched him take off his pants as she ran her fingers along her lips, grazing her clit before she slipped a finger inside of herself. Liam’s eyes were riveted on her as he finished removing his clothes. Finally, he stood before her, completely naked.

“Get on your knees,” Riley said. Liam did so. She removed her hand from her warm, wet center and beckoned to him before putting her finger in her mouth, tasting herself on her tongue. Liam crawled towards her and Riley watched the muscles in his back flex. When he reached her, she allowed him to run his hands up her legs and kiss the exposed skin above her stockings. She tilted her hips towards him and he obliged, running his tongue along her inner thighs, but just before his mouth reached her wet folds, Riley grabbed his hair and tugged his head back just out of reach.

“Please, mistress,” he begged, deeply inhaling the smell of her.

“No,” she said, exercising all of her own self restraint. “You don’t get to do that yet. But when you do,” she continued, “I want to watch you while you do it.”

His eyes flicked up to hers and he grinned.

“Yes, mistress.”

“Get on the bed.”

Liam stood up and Riley pulled him to her, kissing him deeply. He responded eagerly, wrapping his hands around her hips and digging his fingers into her bare skin. She reached between them and began to touch herself again, her fingers moving more assertively, circling her clit with purpose. Liam kissed his way down her neck before resting his head on her shoulder, watching the movement of her hand. His hands clutched at her flesh.

“Please,” he groaned dropping back down on his knees in front of her. He started to lean in but Riley quickly stopped touching herself and grabbed his hair again, pulling his head back as she placed one of her stilettos against his chest.

“I thought I told you to get on the bed,” she said with a sly grin.

“I’m sorry, mistress,” Liam said, not looking the least bit sorry.

“I think you need to be punished,” Riley said. She pushed him back with her shoe and stood up. “Lean over the end of the bed.”

Liam did as he was told, spreading his fingers on the lush bed comforter as he leaned over. Riley glanced over and saw him watching her as she removed her rings and bracelets, one by one, and set them down on the night stand. She took her time walking back towards him, her stilettos clicking on the bedroom floor like the lazy hands of a clock.

Riley stood behind Liam, admiring his powerful body bent over the bed. She ran her fingertips down his back and over his hips, her touch growing firmer as her hands slid lower until she was caressing and kneading the flesh of his buttocks.

“Are you ready for your punishment?” she asked, rubbing her hand in a slow circle.

“Yes, mistress,” Liam said, slightly pushing his hips back towards her. No sooner had the words left his lips when she slapped the firm curve of his ass with the flat of her hand. He jolted slightly at her touch and let out a soft moan. She spanked him again and again, finding a rhythm and she reveled in the way he seemed to find it difficult to stay still.

“Yes,” he whispered. “Yes.”

Riley paused, tracing gentle lines with her fingertips over his warm, reddening skin. She reached her free hand around to his front, taking his cock in her hand. Liam groaned at her touch, bucking his hips slightly as she squeezed her hand up and down his length, rubbing her thumb across the tip. She spanked him again, fingers splayed this time, and Liam grunted. Riley spanked him a few more times before she stopped and knelt down, gently kissing the hot skin beneath her lips.

“Have you learned your lesson?” she asked as she stood up.

“Yes, mistress,” he said. Riley gently tugged at his arm and he stood up. She wrapped him in her arms and he kissed her fervently. For just a moment, Riley let herself drop out of the dominant role and allowed herself to be enveloped by the strong arms of the man she loved. She loved playing these games with him and there were times that she couldn’t believe that someone like Liam, someone as good and strong and kind as Liam actually belonged to her.

“Now,” Riley continued, pulling away from Liam again. “Get on the bed.”

Liam climbed onto the bed obediently as Riley walked around to her nightstand and opened the drawer. She removed two black silk scarves and held them up for Liam to see.

“Because you can’t be trusted to keep your hands where I tell you,” Riley said as she climbed on top of him, one knee on either side of his chest, “I’m going to have to ensure you’ll do as I say.”

Liam grinned as Riley tied his wrists to the headboard, slowly inching her knees forward until her core was almost directly over his mouth. Liam picked up his head slightly, very nearly touching her with his lips before he forced himself to put his head back on the bed to await her instructions.

“Good boy,” she said with a satisfied smile. She inched back down his body until she was kneeling over his hard shaft. Riley took him in her hand and teased her wet entrance. Liam pushed his hips up slightly, breathing hard as he watched her.  “You want it, don’t you?” she asked. He nodded, biting his lip as she brushed the tip of his cock against her clit. “Tell me how much you want it.”

“More than anything,” he growled, squirming beneath her. “Oh, fuck–”

Riley lowered herself on him, plunging him into her. She loved when he swore, loved to hear the polite king unleash something as profane as a four letter word. Riley took her time as she moved up and down on him, slowly unbuttoning her corset as she did so. Liam watched as she undid the last fasten and dropped her corset aside. Riley began to caress her breasts as she continued to move on top of him, pinching her nipples.

“Do you want to touch me?” she asked.

“Yes, mistress,” Liam gasped, tugging at his restraints, unable to take his eyes away from her breasts. She leaned over him and he tried to take her nipple in his mouth but she kept it just out of his reach.

“Too bad you misbehaved earlier,” she said. “I can’t believe you made me do this to you.” Riley began to move a little faster on top of him, her nails digging into his chest. Liam groaned as she rode him, her body bouncing in front of his. She heard his breathing quicken and felt him start to squirm beneath her so she stopped, pulling away from him.

“Sorry, my love, but you don’t get to come yet,” Riley said. Liam groaned and fought back against his own body with everything he had, managing to keep his climax at bay. Riley crawled back up the length of his body, positioning one knee on either side of his head. “You know the rules: I come first.”

Liam lapped at her desperately, swirling his tongue inside her, between her folds, around her clit. Riley tugged his hair with both hands, directing his gaze up at her.

“Look at me,” she commanded. Liam locked his eyes with her, caressing her with his mouth. “Yes … right there …”

Before long, Riley found it impossible to stay still and she tightened her grip on his hair as her hips began to buck against his tongue. He sucked hard on her clit and she finally came undone, crying out loudly and breaking eye contact with Liam for the first time as her eyes closed and her head fell back. Riley released his hair and caught herself against the headboard, breathing hard. She crawled back down beside him and kissed him, tasting herself on his lips, his chin.

Riley straddled him again, centering her hips over his and lowering herself down on him once more. She could see the effort Liam was already making to hold back, to not come until she told him to. She leaned down, lowering her breasts over his face and he mouthed them hungrily, kissing and biting them.

“Oh my god,” Liam moaned as she lowered herself down on him again and again. Riley kissed him again, burying her face in his neck as he thrust up into her.

“Do you want to come?” she asked, her voice muffled against his throat.

“Yes,” he gasped, sweat beading on his skin.

“Come for me, baby,” she whispered. “Now.”

After another couple thrusts she felt him come, groaning loudly with relief and satisfaction at his release. Riley felt him collapse beneath her, spent and exhausted. She kissed him gently, her lips sweet and imploring across his face. Riley sat beside him and untied the scarves, tossing the silken fabric aside. Then she pulled back the bed covers and helped Liam to ease beneath them, pulling the blanket up around his shoulders.

“Do you need any water?” she asked, gently pushing a lock of hair off of his forehead. He nodded. Riley reached over to the other night stand for the water she’d set there earlier as Liam propped himself up on his elbow. He took several swigs before handing the glass back to her and he lay down again. Riley nestled in beside him, gently running her fingers through his hair and down the back of his neck.

“That was incredible,” Liam said as he pulled her in even closer to him and kissed her gently. “I love watching you take control like that.”

Riley smiled.

“I love that you let me take control,” she said.

“Hey, it only make sense,” he joked. “You already own my heart, why not own the rest of me?”

She laughed.

“I love you,” she said, kissing him again. “Can you stay here tonight? I can lock the door so Maxwell and Bertrand won’t just come bursting in here unannounced first thing in the morning.”

Liam smiled.

“I want nothing more than to fall asleep in your arms,” Liam said. “Tonight and every night for the rest of our lives.” He paused. “But yes, you should probably lock the door. Not because I’m afraid of having Maxwell find us, but because I can’t take his overwhelming cheeriness at dawn.”

Riley laughed.

“You got it.”

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