Just a Trim

Summary: Ellie’s decision to let Ximena give her a haircut might be more than she bargained for.

Notes: This fic is for a request from @watamidoing using the prompt “getting a haircut – any of the RoD crew – but make it friendship.” It takes place sometime soon after my Take Me to Church fic. Thank you for the prompt and I hope you enjoy it!

“Ellie, come on, you have to get a pixie cut!” Toby said as he hovered near the chair where she sat in the break room, unable to sit still. “You’d look so cute!”

“See, this is why Ximena is cutting my hair,” Ellie said before glancing up at Ximena. “You do know what you’re doing, right?”

“Of course, sweetie, relax,” Ximena assured her. “This was another side hustle of mine back in the day. Less permanent than tattoos though.”

“Come on, please!” Toby begged. “Ellie, come on, you have the face for it.”

Ximena walked around the front of the chair and squinted slightly as she studied Ellie. “You know, you actually do. If we cut your hair really short, I bet you’d look like Emma Watson.”

“I don’t think I’m ready for anything quite that drastic,” Ellie said nervously.

“Come on, it’ll be great!” Toby said persistently. “You just got married–remind me that I want to talk to you later about having a reception since you and Colt were so rude and ran off to elope–and it’ll be like you’re shedding your single self in favor of your married self.”

“Or I’ll look like a soccer mom,” Ellie said.

“Who looks like a soccer mom?” Colt asked as he walked into the break room, skeptically surveying the scene in front of him.

“Like I wouldn’t make you look awesome?” Ximena asked, ignoring Colt. “Trust me, soccer moms wish they’d look as punk rock as you.”

“What’s going on in here?” Colt asked.

“Ellie’s going to get a pixie cut,” Toby said.

“Really?” Colt asked, amused, as he raised an eyebrow.

“No, Toby wants me to get a pixie cut and Ximena is being a bad influence,” Ellie said. “All I want is a trim.”

“Boss, come on, wouldn’t she look great with super short hair?” Toby asked.

“Okay, this was a bad idea,” Ellie said as she stood up and pulled the towel from her shoulders.

“Sweetie, sit down, I’ve got you,” Ximena said as she put her hand on Ellie’s shoulder and gently pushed her back into the chair. “I hear you loud and clear, just a trim.”

“You know, now that you mention it, she would look great with short hair,” Colt said thoughtfully as he studied her. Ellie flipped him off, making him laugh.

“Okay, you two–out,” Ximena ordered, pointing to the door.

“Oh, come on!” Toby protested.

“You can’t kick me out, it’s my shop!” Colt said.

“I can,” Ellie said. “Out.”

The two men left, Toby grumbling and Colt snickering.

“Just to be sure we’re on the same page…”

“Ximena, no pixie cut. Just a trim.”

“Alright, alright,” Ximena said.

When Ellie heard the clippers buzz, she nearly fell out of her chair as she whipped around and scrambled to get away. Ximena cackled with laughter as she turned the clippers off.

“Sorry, sweetie–couldn’t resist.”

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