Keep Quiet

Summary: Colt visits Ellie at college and helps her “study” in the library. (NSFW)

Notes: This is my entry for Day 2 of Ride or Die Appreciation Week! Fair warning, it’s pretty much all smut.

“You are trouble.”

Colt grinned as he leaned over to place another soft kiss on her neck, on the spot just below her ear that he knew she loved. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Seriously, Colt, I have to get some of this research done today,” Ellie said in a hushed voice. “If you’d given me some warning that you were going to be here, I could have gotten it done earlier in the week so we didn’t have to be at the library right now.”

“If I’d told you I was coming, it would have ruined the surprise,” he murmured, a calloused hand splayed across her bare knee. Ellie glanced up from her book to make sure no one was watching, but they were alone at their table towards the back of the library, the last few Thursday night studiers already gone.

“You are impossible,” Ellie said, unable to keep from smiling as she looked back down at the words on the page. She could feel her heart beat a little faster as his fingers traced a slow pathway up the smooth skin of her thigh to the hem of her shorts. “Colt…”

“Shhh,” he whispered, his lips brushing the shell of her ear. “We’re in the library.”

Ellie bit her lip as Colt’s hand drifted over the outside of her shorts before reaching the button. His deft fingers quickly undid it and he slid the zipper down.

“I’m going to get in so much trouble if we get caught,” she whispered, her protestations sounding weak even to her own ears.

“You’ll steal cars without a second thought, but now you’re worried about getting in trouble?” he asked with a grin as he slid his hand into her shorts. He groaned softly when he felt the damp lace. “Fuck, how you already so wet?”

“Can you blame me?” she asked, still trying to keep her eyes on the book in front of her although she couldn’t have even said what subject she was studying if asked at that exact moment. However, when Colt slid his hand inside her underwear and began to tease his fingers against her entrance, she closed her eyes. “Colt…”

“I love when you say my name,” he said, his voice a low growl that sent a shiver down her spine as he slipped a finger inside of her. She put her hand over her mouth to keep from making a sound, but when he added a second finger, she had to bite the inside of her cheek to suppress the pleasurable sigh that threatened to burst forth and shatter the silence in the library. 

Suddenly, Ellie heard the sound of approaching footsteps. Heart hammering in her chest, she sat straight up in her chair, panicked. Colt smirked at her and leaned over under the pretense of looking at the book in front of her, but he kept his hand where it was, slowly sliding his fingers in and out of her as his thumb pressed lightly against her clit. 

“Someone’s coming,” she whispered, but he kept his hand where it was.

“Hopefully you. But be quiet…if you can. We’re in a library.”

Ellie propped her elbow on the table and to an outsider, it might appear that she was simply resting her chin on her hand. However, her fingers were clamped over her mouth, and it took all of her restraint to not make a sound. Moments later, a young woman walked by with a stack of books in her arms and she didn’t so much as glance in their direction. As soon as the woman disappeared down one of the rows of shelves, Colt increased the pressure of his fingers and Ellie couldn’t stop the mewl that escaped from behind her hand as she opened her knees a little further, allowing him better access.

“That’s it, baby,” he whispered, breath hot on her skin as he brushed his lips against her jaw, fingers pumping a little faster. “I want to feel you come on my fingers.”

She was close, she knew it wouldn’t take much more to send her over the edge. With his free hand, he tilted her face towards his and she kissed him hungrily, finally coming undone as he muffled her ecstatic sighs with his mouth, her body pulsing around his touch as she fought to keep quiet.

“Oh, fuck,” she whispered, breathing heavily when she finally came down from her high, forehead resting on her hand as Colt slowly withdrew his fingers from her. But she caught his hand before he could fully take it away and she brought it to her lips, catching his eye as she sucked the wetness from his fingers.

“Jesus, El,” Colt said as he crashed his lips into hers again, licking her from her tongue. Then he abruptly stood up and started repacking her book bag. 

“What are you doing?” Ellie asked as she rebuttoned her shorts, amused.

“You might be able to be quiet, but I won’t be,” he said with a grin, slinging her bag over his shoulder before holding out a hand to her. “Let’s go.”

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