On Wednesdays We Wear Pink – Zig x MC

Summary: Zig and MC (Lydia) celebrate Mean Girls Day.

Notes: I couldn’t help myself, I had to write a little shorty fic in honor of one of my favorite movies!


Zig walked out of the bedroom, dressed in his usual white t-shirt and jeans, and stopped short when he saw Lydia. Ordinarily she wore so much black and gray that they often joked she was allergic to color, but not today. Today she wore a dark pink dressed that reminded him a little of Bettie Page. The top was fitted and corseted and the skirt flared out around her, making her look like every Mad Men fantasy he’d ever had.

“Wow, you look …” Zig said, his voice trailing off as he searched for the right word. “Pink.”

Lydia laughed. “Pink? That’s it?” she asked.

“No, shit, that didn’t come out right,” Zig said as he crossed the room and slid his arms around her waist. “You look incredible. And I’m getting some ideas …”

Lydia kissed his neck just below his ear, making him shiver. “I have to leave in a couple minutes, but I promise that later we can indulge every one of your ideas.”

“I’m going to hold you to that,” Zig murmured as he kissed her, nipping at her lower lip.

Lydia grinned. “I promise.”

“Why pink though?” Zig asked as he pulled back and surveyed her again from head to toe. “I love it, but the color isn’t what you usually wear.”

“It’s October 3rd,” Lydia said. Zig looked blankly at her. “And it’s Wednesday.”

“Okay …?” Zig said, confused.

“On Wednesdays we wear pink.”

“Oh my god, I forgot!” Zig exclaimed. He rushed back into the bedroom and when he re-emerged, he had swapped his white t-shirt for a pink one.

“Four for you, Glen Coco,” Lydia laughed as she kissed him.

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