Throwback Thursday: The Baby-Sitters Club: Where Are They Now?

When I wasn’t scaring the bejeezus out of myself with Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, I read an insane amount of Baby-Sitters Club books. It all started when my cousins gave me a box of the books, mostly the early ones, and I was immediately hooked.


I wanted to start my own club but as I didn’t have my own phone line like Claudia Kishi, my dream pretty much died there.

The Sophie's Choice of the 90s: internet for phone.
The Sophie’s Choice of the 90s: internet or phone.

There were five main club members, two junior members, and a couple alternates for when literally everyone else had something more important to do. As I apparently have too much free time, I started wondering what they would’ve been up to later in life.

Kristy Thomas

Bow down, bitches.


The president of the club, Kristy was always ambitious and driven. Following high school, she pursued an MBA and was hired by Time Warner’s corporate in New York. She excelled there, quickly rising through the ranks until she became their youngest vice president in company history. She worked hard and played even harder, developing a cocaine habit. Kristy’s high-octane lifestyle eventually caught up to her and she was “advised” to take a leave of absence. After a stint in rehab, Kristy returned to Stonybrook to stay with her mother and stepfather to regroup. While she figures out what her next move is, she is currently coaching Stonybrook High’s softball team.

Mary Anne Bruno (nee Spier) and Logan Bruno

If you tell me these two didn't get married, my childhood will be shattered.
If you tell me these two didn’t get married,
my childhood will be shattered.

Utilizing the skills she honed as a babysitter and the secretary of the club, Mary Anne pursued a teaching degree and became a kindergarten teacher in Stonybrook. Logan, her longtime boyfriend, played baseball in college but blew out his knee his sophomore year. Fueled by Mary Anne’s optimism and support, Logan decided to keep baseball in his life and he became a coach for Stonybrook High’s baseball and track and field teams. After his first year of coaching, he proposed to Mary Anne and a year later, they were married. Naturally, all of the BSC members were in attendance. Mary Anne and Logan went on to have two children, a boy and a girl, and after the birth of their youngest, Mary Anne decided to leave teaching to focus on her family. After the death of her stepmother, Mary Anne’s father moved in with their family and enjoys helping out with his grandchildren.

Claudia Kishi

The clue is that the film is overexposed and ruined. Good job, Claudia.
The clue is that the film is overexposed and ruined.
Good job, Claudia.

Despite less than stellar test scores, she was admitted to Boston University’s Fine Arts College with a full scholarship due to a unique and intensely creative portfolio. She and Stacy remained close through college and after graduation, Claudia joined her in New York City where share an apartment in Brooklyn. After some gallery showings that were very positively received, Claudio gained a bit of a cult following in the underground art scene. One of her most popular collections consisted of pieces that were reimagined children’s art projects, inspired by her time as an officer in the Baby-Sitter’s Club and as godmother to Stacy’s daughter.

Stacy McGill

It's diabetes. Her secret is diabetes.
It’s diabetes.
Her secret is diabetes.

Her fashion sense carried her all the way to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City but although her instructors all insisted her designs were innovated and showed progress, she had difficulty finding backers to fund her fashion line. One night, a chance meeting at a bar reunited her with Sam Thomas, Kristy’s older brother whom she’d dated briefly when they were teenagers. They spent a passionate weekend together before he returned to the law firm he worked for in California. A few weeks later, Stacy found out she was pregnant. Sam was elated by the news and transferred to a New York firm in order to be closer to their child, a daughter. Stacy and Sam ultimately realized they weren’t a great couple but they are both dedicated co-parents. Sam also helped Stacy launch her fashion line with funding and, with Claudia’s assistance, Stacy created pop-up fashion shows with guerrilla marketing campaigns that garnered a lot of attention and led to Stacy’s own boutique.

Dawn Schafer

Let's go investigate the strange noise in the attic. I'm 98% sure it's not an axe murderer.
Let’s go investigate the strange noise in the attic.
I’m 98% sure it’s not an axe murderer.

Following the death of her mother in a tragic car crash during her freshman year at Berkeley, Dawn spent time backpacking around the globe. She ultimately ended up in India where she discovered a love of yoga. After she returned to the states, she pursued her yoga instructor certification and eventually opened her own studio in San Francisco. She still returns to Stonybrook for holidays and spends them with Mary Anne and her stepfather. Although she misses her mother, she loves to visit Mary Anne and her stepfather; her niece and nephew love when she visits because she teaches them how to stand on their heads.

Mallory Pike

Good lord, is that what we all looked like in the 90s?
Good lord, is that what we all looked like in the 90s?

Although she’d originally dreamed of writing children’s books, Mallory studied equestrian science in college and ended up moving to rural Connecticut where she purchased a ranch with her girlfriend, Samantha. She and Samantha teach riding lessons and during the summer, they run a summer camp for underprivileged kids. Mallory’s best friend, Jessi, always does a guest spot and teaches a two week dance class at the camp.

Jessi Ramsey

I'm pretty sure American Sign Language isn't a secret. Or is it like Fight Club?
I’m pretty sure American Sign Language isn’t a secret.
Or is it like Fight Club?

With the help of her ballet instructor, Madame Noelle, Jessi gets the opportunity to audition for Juilliard and earns a spot. Upon graduation, she auditions for and is accepted into the New York City Ballet. During the season, ballet takes up all of her time but during the off-season, she volunteers at the Lexington School for the Deaf.

Also, this happened:

If you were a girl in the 90s and you didn't love this movie, you hate America and the terrorists have won.
If you were a girl in the 90s and you didn’t love this movie,
you hate America and the terrorists have won.

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