Monday Morning Regrets: Week 8

I came into this week with very low expectations. Last week’s tremendous disappointments, combined with ESPN projecting me to lose in both of my leagues, left me feeling pretty pessimistic.

Sadness all around
Why do I play fantasy?
Masochist in sweats

I looked like the dog from Hyperbole and a Half.

Then, in one of my leagues, my players remembered that they’re elite athletes and know how to play football:

Screenshot 2017-10-30 at 9.55.57 AM.png
I fucking love Shady.

My team is doing so well that I’ve already secured a win in that league and my quarterback and kicker haven’t even played yet. Which, considering how poorly the Broncos offense played last week, might not be a bad thing.

I still love you, Trevor.

In my other league, however, my team did not do as well. To say they shit the bed is a complete understatement. I still have two players to go, but unless Travis Kelce and Brandon McManus earn a combined 40 points, I’m going to have to accept the loss.

Screenshot 2017-10-30 at 10.03.14 AM
It should come as no surprise that I’m in the running for the lowest score in the league this week.

The worst part about this league is Isaiah Crowell. He hasn’t been that great this season so, after I traded for Carlos Hyde, I benched Crowell. Because there’s been talk about Hyde being traded, the 49ers have been showcasing him a little so I was optimistic that he’d have a great game. Spoiler alert: he didn’t. Isaiah Crowell, however, scored 16 points on my bench.

Isaiah Crowell
This is the week you play well?
We’re now in a fight.

The only consolation is that the rest of my team played so poorly that I likely would have lost anyway.

No, I’m not bitter.
I love fantasy football.
It’s so fun to lose.

Even with my abysmal score, I actually had a chance of winning for a minute and was projected to do so . . . until Philip Rivers decided to try a little harder and his score jumped up by 20 points.

Philip Rivers1

Even more so than my fantasy teams, I’m a little apprehensive about the Broncos v. Chiefs game tonight. The Broncos haven’t been playing well lately and I really, really don’t want to lose another division game. However, if I’m correct that Andy Reid sold his soul to the devil for a winning season, there’s not much I or anyone else can do about it.

Kansas City Chiefs v Atlanta Falcons

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