Monday Morning Regrets: Week 9

Oh, week 9. With half of my good players on a bye week and the other half injured, I didn’t come in feeling very optimistic. This feeling only deepened after Thursday’s game when LeSean McCoy only earned me 2.5 points. I know he can’t have 30 point games every week, but to not even break double digits was depressing. Subsequently, I blame this depression for the questionable quarterback choice I ended up making. In one of my leagues, I had Trevor Siemian as my quarterback and no back up since the Broncos were past their bye week.

Philip Rivers1
I dropped Rivers like a bad habit.

But, since the Broncos pulled Siemian in favor of Brock Osweiler, I was in need of another quarterback. The pickin’s were slim on the waiver wire and, in a moment I can only describe as a psychotic break, I picked up Eli Manning.


This is not the first time I’ve jumped on the Eli train. I’ve picked him up a couple times in previous seasons, but he’s really inconsistent. Every once in a while, he remembers that he has two Super Bowl rings and he made Tom Brady cry and Eli actually plays like the elite athlete he is. Other times, he fumbles on the opening drive which sets up a touchdown for the Rams.

Why do you do this?
God dammit, Eli Manning.

I’m pretty sure that the only reason Eli didn’t ruin my game (the Giants lost 17-51) is because my opponent played Tom Savage.

The rest of my team ended up doing okay and I’m currently beating my opponent 112.8-103.3. However, we both have players in tonight’s game and I’m pretty sure things are not going to end up in my favor. I have Ameer Abdullah, but my opponent has Golden Tate, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, Blake Martinez, and Matt Prater.

My chances aren’t looking good.

In my other league, I still have Tavon Wilson in tonight’s game, but my opponent’s players are all done and I’m currently winning 115.5-90. I think it’s safe to say I won that match up.


More than likely, I’m going to end up with a 1-1 record this week again. Unless all of my opponent’s players in tonight’s game mysteriously get food poisoning.

Hey, don’t look at me.
They chose to eat that shellfish.
That can’t be my fault.

Unfortunately, the worst part of my Sunday was the Denver Broncos. Again.

I heave a deep sigh
The soundtrack of my Sundays
Again and again

As I mentioned earlier, Brock Osweiler replaced Trevor Siemian in an effort to fix all of our team’s issues. However, because our offensive line is still garbage and our coaching staff sucks, we still lost to the Eagles, 23-51. There’s been talk of putting the still-injured Paxton Lynch in next week as quarterback, but that’s not going to make a single bit of difference because OUR ISSUE IS NOT THE FREAKING QUARTERBACK.

Wailing and moaning
Crying and eating my hair
A standard Sunday

I hate to admit it, but I can’t deny it anymore: the Broncos are a bad team this year. We’re on a four game losing streak and unless we start making some major changes (i.e. o-line and coaching staff), things aren’t looking good. However, the Chargers and the Raiders also suck so most of our division is in the same boat.

Philip Rivers1
Thanks for being you, Rivers.

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