Photos: Juniper House, 10/2/18

Here are a few photos from last night when I read a piece at a local reading series called Juniper House. What I love most about it is that the first part of the night is an open mic night but readers are only allowed to present brand new work. Some people even take advantage of a prompt jar and draw a topic from a big jar and write a piece then and there before reading it. Then there’s always a featured reader and last night it was an incredible local poet named James Jay.

This was my second time attending this series but my first time reading–AND I ended up going first. If you read my post about public speaking, you know that I have lots of anxiety about reading my work. But I got up there and read a brand new piece (and managed to do it without panic vomiting even once)!

Far away
Up close (90s me couldn’t resist the purple lipstick)
Sitting down after the reading, relieved it went well!

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