Who is Emily Regan?

In short, it’s me.

I created my Lola Black alter ego for erotica and fanfic because I felt shy about admitting I enjoy that kind of writing. Now, I realize that’s silly. For continuity’s sake, I’ll continue to publish my erotica under my smutty alter ego (like JK Rowling as Robert Galbraith, but far raunchier), but I’ve decided to finally merge my two personas into one. Partly because it’s exhausting to keep up two versions of myself, but also because I feel like it’s time. I’ve reached a point with myself where I’d rather be consistent and open rather than overly compartmentalize my life.

If you’d like to get to know me as more than just my smutty alter ego (and I hope you do), I’d like to direct you to an interview I recently did for my local paper!

Author Emily Regan on motherhood, reality and the humor that binds

I was pretty excited (and a little nervous) about this piece, but I’m happy with how the article turned out. On Monday, I also read at a local reading series alongside two other talented authors. Unfortunately there isn’t a video recording, but I have some photos that I’ll hopefully post to my Instagram (@EmilyReganWrites) later this week. Also, if you’re subscribed to my Patreon, I’m going to post one of the essays I read on Monday, so head over and check it out!

Thank you all for hanging in there during my identity crisis–it’s good to be here!

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