The 1950s Housewife Challenge: Day 12

Apparently the dogs and I are not the only ones who are sick of laundry, because today my dryer started a rebellion and refuses to work. Or, rather, it works…but it makes this horrible whining sound the whole time.


Most of our laundry is done, but I washed the dog beds today and apparently that was the last straw. Jon’s pretty sure he can fix it, but it’s going to require him to disassemble the whole thing and take out the drum. He’s done it before (pro tip: marry someone who is good at fixing shit) but it’s going to take him a minute before it’s usable again.

The rest of the cleaning was fairly uneventful, but I’ve been a little off today. My son isn’t feeling well, so I was up all night with him and when I did try to sleep, my brain decided to dredge up a whole bunch of past trauma for me to relive, so that was cool.


This doesn’t really feel like a day worth documenting, but at the same time I feel like it’s important to be honest about days like this. Not every day is a bright, shiny Pinterest-worthy day.

Am I old because I said Pinterest instead of Instagram?
Does anyone still use Pinterest?
Whatever, fuck it, I’m an old white lady.

The best news for today is that Kiddo is feeling better now, which is a relief. Hopefully we can all get some sleep in our dazzlingly clean home that definitely didn’t sap the last of my strength to clean today. However, I will say, it’s much nicer to deal with a rough day in a clean house than in a dirty house, so at least there’s that.

Today in a nutshell.

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