New Side Project: We Get It, You’re Tired

Because it’s been at least ten minutes since I saw something shiny, I created a new side blog: introducing We Get It, You’re Tired. I’m writing about all the topics people won’t stop talking about (which makes me feel like I’m whining, but in a fun, meta way), including:

We Get It, You’re Tired: No one wins the exhaustion olympics.

We Get It, You’re Potty Trained: For the love of god, stop oversharing.

We Get It, You Hate Season 8 of Game of Thrones: It’s just a TV show (but here are 13 reasons why that last season was bullshit and no, I will NOT get over it).

We Get It, You’re Leaving Social Media: “I’m deleting my profile–for real this time!”

We Get It, You’re Vegan: White people, farmers markets, and the real reasons servers hate my mother.

*Upcoming* We Get It, You Love Bacon: Americans have taken this a little far and now it’s weird.

If any of this sounds interesting, head on over and give it a read! If not, no hard feelings–I’ll be back with my tortured introspection soon enough

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