Little Deaths – Jax x MC

Notes: This takes place after the diamond scene in Chapter 10 (I think?) when MC has the option of hooking up with Jax in his living quarters in the Shadow Den. The title comes from the French euphemism for an orgasm, “le petit mort”, which translates to “the little death.” It seemed fitting for a fic about a vampire.

Amy stirs and opens her eyes. The surroundings are unfamiliar at first, but the arm around her is strong and comforting. It takes a moment for her to readjust and remember that she’s down in the Shadow Den, in Jax’s room. She can feel his bare body still pressed against hers, his sleeping breath slow and even. Amy smiles briefly, pulling him closer, but almost as soon as it appears, her expression fades. She stares at the ceiling, her thoughts still back at the ball. There’s a war coming. Hell, if she’s being honest, the war is already here. Amy feels a loyalty to Adrian, for everything he’s done for her, for Lily … but lying here, wrapped in Jax’s embrace, she can’t imagine ever betraying him.


Amy glances over and is surprised to see Jax’s eyes open, a slight smile playing across his lips.

“Sorry, did I wake you?” she asks. Jax shakes his head and leans over to kiss her tenderly, his lips warm and enticing.

“Is everything okay?” he asks, raising a hand to tap the wrinkle between her brows. “You look worried.”

“How could I be worried when I have you here all to myself?” she asks, pulling him closer. Jax grins and runs his fingers down the length of her body, pulling her leg up over his hip.

“You’ve always had me,” Jax says.

“That’s right, my very own guardian angel,” Amy agrees with a smile as Jax kisses her neck. Then, a thought occurs to her. “Hey, I just thought of something … you were following me for a while … how often were you watching me?”

“What do you mean?” he asks, his voice reverbrating against her skin as he continues to kiss the hollow of her throat, his hand sliding slowly between her legs.

“I mean, did you watch me when I was alone in my room?”

Jax pauses and lifts his head to look at her, a bemused eyebrow raised. “I’m not like that creep from Twilight, I didn’t watch you sleep or anything if that’s what you’re getting at.”

Amy laughs. “No, not that … although I do appreciate the clarification.” She lets her hands drift over the muscles in his back and presses her chest against his skin. “I was just wondering if you saw what I did when I was alone … all those times I thought of you …”

Jax grins and rolls Amy onto her back, nudging her legs apart so he can rest between them. She can feel him growing harder and the heat pools in her abdomen.

“You thought about me?” he asks, lightly kissing his way down from her throat to her breasts, taking care to leave no bit of skin unkissed. When he gently bites her nipples, Amy arches her back slightly, a soft moan escaping her lips.

“Yes,” she breathes, finding it hard to lie still. “After you fed on me that night … your hand on my thigh …” Amy feels his hand on her thigh now, rising closer to her warm, wet center. “I wanted you so much, I couldn’t get you out of my head …” Jax kisses her stomach and she can feel his fingers tracing her lips, already damp with desire. “I almost called you, but I wasn’t sure you felt the same …”

“Oh, trust me, I did,” Jax says. He licks her inner thighs, his breath hot on her skin. “I wish you’d called.”

“I’m so sorry,” Amy says with a smile, opening her legs wider, tilting her hips towards him. “How can I make it up to you?”

Jax is about to kiss her where she’s dying to be kissed, his lips brushing her sensitive skin, when he stops.

“Show me,” he says.

“I think you can see just about everything from that vantage point,” Amy says coyly, aching to feel his mouth on her. Jax grins and kisses her lightly, letting the tip of his tongue part her lips for only a moment before he pulls back. Amy lets out a frustrated groan. “Please …”

“Believe me, I will,” he promises. “But to make it up to me for not calling, I want you to show me how you thought about me.”

Amy meets his gaze as he sits back on his heels. Without breaking eye contact, Amy slides her hands down her body. She desperately wants to go fast but she takes her time, slowly slipping two fingers in and out of her aching core. Jax’s eyes follow her hands and he bites his lip, his eyes heavy with desire as he watches her. His hand goes to his cock, slowly stroking its hard length. His free hand flexes and then relaxes and Amy knows how badly he wants to touch her, but he holds back, only touching himself.

When she finds it hard to lie still, Amy finally adds her other hand, her fingertips circling her clit. She notices Jax gripping himself harder, his movements a little less measured than before. Amy is close, she can feel it, when Jax lies down beside her. He kisses her breasts again, his tongue flicking harder across her hard nipples, making her moan. She can feel the tips of his fangs scrape across her skin and a small thrill runs through her. So close…

“Please…” she begs, exposing the curve of her neck to him.

“Are you sure?” he asks, his breath ragged as his lips brush her throat.”

“Yes…yes…yes …”

Amy feels the prick of his fangs and his hand gripping her thigh, his knuckles brushing hers as she moves her fingers faster, pushing herself over the edge.

“Jax!” Amy cries out as the pleasure undulates through her body, his mouth and hand the only things anchoring her to the bed.

“Fuck, Amy…” Jax whispers when he releases her neck. He leaves a trail of red kisses down her sensitive skin before settling himself between her legs again, gently removing her hands to give him room. Amy grips the sheets, her fingers curling the fabric. No longer taking his time, Jax plunges his tongue inside of her and Amy cries out again, her shoulders rising off the bed. He laps at her clit, pushing his own fingers inside of her, pumping them in and out. Amy’s hips buck and he grips her tightly, pinning her to his tongue as the next climax rips through her body, shooting through her like a lightning bolt.

“I… I can’t take anymore,” Amy finally gasps as the aftershocks fizzle through her fingers and toes. “It’s too much …”

Jax sits up with a grin and wipes his chin as he stares down at her, exhausted and panting before him. He lies down beside her once more, licking away the errant drops of blood from her throat.

“I can’t help it,” he murmurs. “The way you taste… you’re intoxicating. God, I’ve never wanted anyone the way I want you.”

Amy pushes him gently until he’s lying on his back and she climbs atop him, straddling him.

“I thought you couldn’t take anymore?” Jax teases, raising an eyebrow at her. Amy guides him inside her, biting her lip as she watches the look of pleasure on his face as he enters her.

“Maybe I found my second wind,” she says as she begins to move along his length, pushing him deeper inside of her. Jax sits up and wraps his arms around her, pulling Amy tightly to him as he thrusts up into her.

Amy can feel herself getting closer, her body already nothing more than nerves and little deaths, when Jax suddenly flips her onto her back. She wraps her legs around him as he pounds into her, each push leaving her more undone than the last.

“Harder, Jax…please…” she manages to gasp. He does as she asks, his thrusts no longer even and measured. Amy feels herself dissolve under him, her wordless cries filling his room as he spills into her. She tightens around him, pulling every last bit of pleasure from him until he collapses beside her, breathing hard. After a moment, Amy rests her head on his chest and he wraps her in his arms, their bodies still slick with sweat.

“So, does that make up for me not calling you?” Amy asks when she’s finally able to speak again. Jax laughs weakly, still spent.

“Oh, this more than makes up for it,” he says. “In fact, I think I owe you now… and I always repay my debts.”

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