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Throwback Thursday: Life Lessons from “Clueless”

Following last week’s teen rom-com trend, I re-watched Clueless because Netflix suggested it after I watched She’s All That and I’m certainly not one to argue with the almighty Netflix. This 90s film adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma has everything that is perfect and ridiculous about the 90s. It’s… Continue Reading “Throwback Thursday: Life Lessons from “Clueless””

Throwback Thursday: The 5 Weirdest Moments of “She’s All That”

For those of you who don’t spend their time re-watching ridiculous movies on Netflix, I’ll refresh your memory: “She’s All That” is about a Zach (Freddie Prinze Jr.), a popular high school guy who is dumped by his equally popular girlfriend, Taylor (Jodi Lynn… Continue Reading “Throwback Thursday: The 5 Weirdest Moments of “She’s All That””

Throwback Thursday: Smells Like the 90s

Scent is often the sense that is tied the strongest to memory and there is one smell that, whenever I encounter it, immediately makes me feel like I’m back in the 90s: cucumber melon This is a signature scent of Bath & Body Works… Continue Reading “Throwback Thursday: Smells Like the 90s”

Throwback Thursday (Friday Special Edition): “Bill Nye the Science Guy”

Let’s be real–the best days in school were the ones when your teacher would wheel in the giant TV on a cart and press play on these videos: This TV show ran from 1993-1998 and is, without a doubt, one of the most awesome… Continue Reading “Throwback Thursday (Friday Special Edition): “Bill Nye the Science Guy””

Throwback Thursday: MASH

For those of you who clicked on this thinking it’d be about the TV show . . . sorry. It’s not. The MASH I’m referring to is the game we played as kids to try and get a glimpse of our future. MASH stands… Continue Reading “Throwback Thursday: MASH”