Throwback Thursday: Jellies

If you wanted to be cool in the 90’s as a kid, you were pretty much required to have a pair of jellies, amirite, ladies?


The prototype for Crocs.
The prototype for Crocs.

In retrospect, I’m not totally sure why I loved these shoes so much. When I think back to wearing them, I remember sweaty feet, a pain in the ass buckle, hot plastic that kind of burned my skin, and God forbid you ever got a rock stuck in one of your shoes.

Almost as bad as stepping on a lego.
Almost as bad as stepping on a lego.

And yet we loved them and wore them until our feet were so covered in blisters that we ran out of Hello Kitty bandaids.

Apparently these are making a comeback (or they never really left–like herpes) and you can get them from somewhere other than under your childhood bed. Now you can either masochistically relive your childhood footwear or purchase them for your own kids, proving that you don’t actually love them and really, if you’re going to make them wear jellies, you should just include a note saying Santa isn’t real to round out your role as a jackass.

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