Throwback Thursday: The Macarena

In the 90’s, there was one dance that everyone knew–even more so than the Carlton. Unless you spoke Spanish, you couldn’t understand most of the song but it didn’t matter–you knew all the moves.

Greatness transcends language barriers.

I haven’t seen such a culturally diverse music video since Michael Jackson’s “Black or White.” But MJ didn’t feature a woman wearing the purple lipstick we thought was such a good idea in the 90’s so maybe Los del Rio had a leg up on this one.

This song quickly went from being fun to being played to death, as often happens with popular songs. Everyone and their mom loved this song. Heck, even my grandparents had a copy of it on cassette.

"Heeeeeey, Macarena!"
“Heeeeeey, Macarena!”

This song has thankfully gone the way of so many other dance crazes and only seems to resurface at weddings when the happy couple is feeling nostalgic or when a drunken groomsman is feeling like an asshole and bribes the DJ to play it immediately after “The Electric Slide.”

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