Throwback Thursday: Gel Pens

The 90s were nothing if not a decade-long example of how easily entertained we were. Case in point? Gel pens.

Hoarding meets OCD.
Hoarding meets OCD.

Why use a boring old Bic pen when you can make your words sparkly, pastel-colored, and nearly impossible to read on a white sheet of paper?

When I was in school, the cool thing to do was to use gel pens to write/draw on your Trapper Keeper (another solid choice in school supplies but a different post entirely). Since people knew I liked to write, I also received a number of journals made of black paper that came with a sparkly gel pen. Of course, the glitter in the pen would quickly clog, necessitating the purchase of more gel pens since you couldn’t substitute a regular writing tool because the pages were black.

Like my soul.
Like my soul.

Gel pens were basically the precursor for every obnoxiously glittery badge you put on your Myspace page.

This is why we all have ADD.

By the way, there’s a website called “Geocities-izer” where you can type in any website and they’ll show you what it looked like if it were “made by a 13-year-old in 1996.”

This site is why I’m positive that if aliens exist, they’re definitely laughing at us.


Happy Throwback Thursday!

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