Throwback Thursday: The Grape Escape

The Grape Escape is a board game, released in 1992, that allowed children to live out their psychotic fantasies of torture and murder.

Each player created a little anthropomorphic grape out of “Grape Goop” (Play-doh) and would have to navigate their grape around the board and through various death traps. The object of the game was to destroy your opponents’ grapes by means of decapitation with giant scissors or crushing with either a giant boot or a steamroller. Honestly, the game was less of a toy for children and more of a Saw training exercise for kindergarteners.

"But not The Grape Escape because that game is fucked up."
“But not The Grape Escape
because that game is fucked up.”

After re-watching the commercial for Squeezits and revisiting this game, I’m once again struck by how surprising it is that we didn’t all turn out to be mass murderers. But maybe that’s due to the fact that this game was only produced for a year and was reportedly banned in the UK due to violence.

But not in 'Murica.
But not in ‘Murica.

Nowadays, kids just play nice, sensible games. Like the latest Mortal Kombat.

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