Throwback Thursday: Body Glitter

The 90s were a time of opposites. For every Cher Horowitz, there was a Daria. For every yin, there was a yang.

Often in the form of a cheap choker from Spencer's.
Often in the form of a cheap necklace from Spencer’s.

Seemingly in response to the grunge trend, the non-Cobain tribe decided to make everything as sparkly as possible with copious amounts of glitter because apparently we all wanted to look like baby strippers.

We were the human precursors to annoying Myspace gifs.

Glitter nail polish, glitter gel pens, glitter butterfly clips, glitter Jellies–Mariah Carey even made a whole movie named Glitter.

Unfortunately, this came out in 2001 when everyone was tired of glitter. And Mariah Carey.
Unfortunately, this came out in 2001 when everyone was tired of glitter.
And Mariah Carey.

Back in the 90s, I remember falling victim to many of the glitter fads and the best (worst) had to be body glitter. We were given many different methods for coating ourselves in the herpes of the art world: body lotion with glitter, body wash with glitter, roll on glitter, glitter hair spray, glitter hair gel, glitter make up, and I believe I even once had a glitter body spray. My best friend even told me recently that she once had glitter sunscreen.

Yes, we're still friends.
Yes, we’re still friends.

Honestly, I’m not sure what was up with the glitter. I suggested at the start of this post that maybe it was an overreaction to grunge but that seems like too deep of answer. Instead, I’m pretty sure our attentions spans were so short that everything had to be covered in sparkles just to get us to notice it.

Heeeeeeey, Britney.

Does anyone else feel like watching some old Britney Spears music videos?

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