Pinterest is a Writer’s Best Friend

If you’re like me, you have lost days of your life browsing through Pinterest. I’ll swear I’m going on there for just a minute to look at cupcakes and then six hours later I’ve fallen into a hole of home decor and diet tips from which I will never, ever emerge.

However, if you can survive all those unicorn cakes and adorably decorated homes you’ll never own, Pinterest is actually a phenomenal resource for writers. Although, if you still get distracted by homemade gifts for your kids’ teachers that you’ll never make because you’re a human being with a life . . . no judgement.

Mood Boards

I never really understood the value of mood boards until I joined Tumblr. Some of those people, especially in fandoms, are the absolute best at creating a mood board to capture a certain character or theme.

Below, I’ve shared a few mood boards I found on Tumblr in the Choices fandom. Consider each one and think about what sorts of feelings each one evokes.

via @punexpectedly

tumblr_pfzyjy4Uel1xhm6xuo1_1280via @mrsthomasorsonhunt

tumblr_inline_p06hpafp5G1vrmoto_500via @wildemoons

Much like music, colors and photos can be so evocative and inspiring. If you want to create a certain mood for your story, get on Pinterest and start pinning! Mood boards are great for character development because you can get to know your character while you pin a home that looks like theirs, their fashion, and quotes that sum up their personality.

blur cakes close up cupcakes
Don’t forget to pin the cupcakes they want to bake/bake all the time/set on fire just by looking at the stove.


Writer’s block is a real bitch. Unfortunately, it affects all writers at one time or another. If you’re sitting there saying, “I’m a writer and I’ve never had writer’s block!” . . .


Moving on.

Search for literally anything to get your creative juices flowing. Places, fashion, nature, photos of people–everything is on Pinterest. Another option is to search for writing prompts. Some Pinterest users post some really creative and interesting prompts you can use as a writing exercise to help get your creative juices flowing. I find that when I’m feeling stuck, if I can get going on at least one project, that tends to unblock my mind on the other projects as well.

Take a Break

Sometimes as a writer, you need a break. Look up some cool shit and stop stressing out about what your characters are going to do next. Self care is important.

But just remember: if you end up making those cupcakes . . . send one my way.

I found this image on Pinterest.

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