The 1950s Housewife Challenge: Day 3

I hate my kitchen.

I knew today would be time consuming because I’d have to take everything out of every drawer and cabinet, but it was…a lot. Plus, we’re renting our house and I’m pretty sure the oven has been cleaned exactly never since it was purchased and installed. If that isn’t enough, the kitchen is also where the dogs live and although I love them, they’re gross. We have to keep them in the kitchen, partly due to Kiddo’s immune suppression and partly because our big dog has Cushing’s Disease, which can give her questionable control over her bladder. Considering the fact that the rest of the house is carpeted, I think it’s clear why she stays in the kitchen.

After spending three days cleaning like a 1950s housewife, I honestly don’t know how my grandmother did this every day without being on speed. I’m also starting to understand why so many housewife memes involve references to drinking.


Jon has been super supportive of me taking on this challenge and has been kind enough to check on me every day to make sure I haven’t totally lost my mind. However, I nearly ended up on an episode of Snapped when we were discussing the oven.

“It took forever, but look at the window on the oven door!” I said proudly, pointing to it. The window had been caked with multiple years worth of grease and god only knows what else and, after scrubbing it for nearly an hour, the window now functions like a window.

“I don’t remember what it looked like before,” Jon admitted.

“You couldn’t see through it before!” I exclaimed, my voice beginning to involuntarily take on a high, anxious pitch. “How else are you supposed to check on food while it’s cooking?!”

“I just…open the oven door,” Jon said slowly.


I both love and fear him.

It’s not Jon’s fault and I’m not trying to blame him for not noticing the window in the oven door. He’s super easy going (clearly, opposites attract) and he’s very adaptable to whatever the circumstances are. Plus, he has told me probably a dozen times a day how great the house looks and I feel very appreciated for all the labor I’m putting into our home during this challenge. But, clearly, the kitchen got to me today.

I honestly thought I’d at least make it through a week before I showed signs of losing it.

Or myself.

I have a longer post planned about the terminology used for women who stay home instead of getting jobs outside of the house, and I’d planned on writing it today…but I’m honestly so exhausted that I can barely think straight right now. Early to bed, early to rise, makes Emily a dull boy or some shit.


Day 4: Apparently cleaning is therapeutic or whatever.

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