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Throwback Thursday: Orbitz

Have you ever gotten really stoned and wished you could drink your lava lamp? Because someone at the Clearly Canadian Beverage Corporation did and in 1997, we ended up with Orbitz. Being high is the only plausible explanation for why this drink was created.… Continue Reading “Throwback Thursday: Orbitz”

Throwback Thursday: 90s Heartthrobs (Boys Edition)

Giving you butterflies one after school special at a time. 10. Zachery Ty Bryan Then: Zachery Ty Bryan was most known for playing the role of Brad Taylor on “Home Improvement” and for having the stereotypical 90s boy haircut. Personally, he wasn’t my favorite but I… Continue Reading “Throwback Thursday: 90s Heartthrobs (Boys Edition)”

Throwback Thursday: “Brink!” or How Mel Gibson Ruined My Senior Year

In the 90s and early 00s, the Disney Channel was absolutely killing it with awesome original movies but none were quite as amazing as 1998’s “Brink!” Warning: this post contains spoilers for a movie that was released 17 years ago. For those of you… Continue Reading “Throwback Thursday: “Brink!” or How Mel Gibson Ruined My Senior Year”

Throwback Thursday: Tamagotchi

No other toy caused quite so much anxiety over the health and well being of an electronic than the Tamagotchi. Except for maybe the Furby, but that was more like trying to offer up sacrifices to a vengeful god. The first generation of Tamagotchis… Continue Reading “Throwback Thursday: Tamagotchi”

Throwback Thursday: Now That’s What I Call Music!

For those of you not in the know, Now That’s What I Call Music! is essentially a corporate mixtape. But rather than being full of songs that express exactly how to you feel to your best friend with whom you’re secretly in love, they’re… Continue Reading “Throwback Thursday: Now That’s What I Call Music!”