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Monday Morning Regrets: Week 5

Apparently, all I needed to do in order to win in my fantasy leagues was announce my plans to write haikus about how much I hate my teams, because for the second week in a row, it looks like I’m going to win both of my match ups. Granted, one of them is because my opponent didn’t bother to set his lineup so he had three bye week players on his roster. As for the other one, my opponent is now 0-5, so he hasn’t been having a great season so far. But I’ll take the wins–I’m really not picky.

Despite the positive outcome of both of my games, it wasn’t always a sure thing. I spent a decent amount of time shouting at Phillip Rivers because I needed him to come through for me just this one goddamn time because Trevor Siemian is on a bye week and JESUS CHRIST, RIVERS, STOP EMBARRASSING ME.


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Monday Morning Regrets: Week 4

Although I admire poetry, I myself am not much of a poet. Two years ago, in an effort to change this, I decided to do a short poetry challenge. For one week, I wrote a daily poem and the results were . . . well, not what I expected. I didn’t expect to write anything earth-shattering. I also didn’t expect that I’d just end up writing haikus about how much I hated my fantasy football team . . . but that’s exactly what I did:

Hate the Patriots
Julian Edelman sucks
It’s all your fault, man

I never claimed they were good haikus.

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