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Monday Morning Regrets: Week 17

I know I’ve been slacking on these posts, but depression is a bitch and doesn’t like to let me do things like write blog posts or function like a normal human being. However, I’m slowly crawling my way out of the hole I’ve been in and I wanted to do a football post during this last weekend of regular season games and do a wrap up of my fantasy season.

League #1: Fuck You, Gronk

In my first league, I made it to the playoffs but I was knocked out of contention by my darling husband who is, thankfully, a much more graceful winner than I am.

I don’t play well with others.

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Monday Morning Regrets: Week 11

Through some inexplicable miracle, I’m still a contender in both of my leagues. I know, I’m shocked, too. In my first league, I’m currently up 160.1-130.4. All of my players are done so that’s my final score, but my opponent still has K.J. Wright. Technically, my opponent could make a comeback, but the likelihood that a defensive player will get 30 points is unlikely. Not impossible, but unlikely.

Knock on wood.

Superstitious thoughts
Would that help the Broncos win?
Is this all my fault?

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Monday Morning Regrets: Week 7


This was not a good week for me.

In one of my match ups, I was projected to win by over 30 points. I was feeling particularly optimistic when LeSean McCoy got me 27.2 points . . . but then the Broncos played.

Tears of deep sadness
My wounded heart is crying
Broncos crushed my soul

I played Trevor Siemian as my quarterback and he got me a whopping 7.4 points. Against the Chargers.

Philip Rivers1
This is somehow your fault.

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What It’s Like to Be a Female Sports Fan

Bro: I wish more women liked football.

Me: I love football.


I’ve had conversations like this entirely too often because apparently, some guys seem to feel the need to have me prove that I’m a “real fan.” I’ve been quizzed on which NFL teams are in which division, scoring, and the current roster of various teams, among other things. I’m a deeply dedicated fan of the Denver Broncos and I play in two fantasy football teams, yet I still often get treated like I’m the human equivalent of NFL clickbait.

Unfortunately, I am not the only woman who experiences this because assholes abound everywhere. In fact, some of these assholes are in the NFL:

Here’s one now!

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Monday Morning Regrets: Week 4

Although I admire poetry, I myself am not much of a poet. Two years ago, in an effort to change this, I decided to do a short poetry challenge. For one week, I wrote a daily poem and the results were . . . well, not what I expected. I didn’t expect to write anything earth-shattering. I also didn’t expect that I’d just end up writing haikus about how much I hated my fantasy football team . . . but that’s exactly what I did:

Hate the Patriots
Julian Edelman sucks
It’s all your fault, man

I never claimed they were good haikus.

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